Can I help you? The answer is YES! Can I help everyone? No. The people that get results with this life-changing process have this in common: They commit to doing the work. Sometimes money, old patterns, or ignorance gets in our way of being and having what we want. And I’m not asking you to jump into anything. Let’s have a conversation first. Enter your email and sign up for your free enrollment phone call. When you work with me you can expect:

  1. To remove the blocks that have been holding you back.
  2. A teacher and guide that will empower you to take your life to the next level.
  3. No BS. If I can’t help you, I will let you know right away.
  4. Expect to get out what you put into it.
  5. I love this work (adore it) because I get to see lives transform. You can expect that.

“Rebekah is like the Oracle from the Matrix. You don’t have to know what you want and you leave getting what you needed.” ~Client’s assessment of our time together.

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Heal from your breakup & uncover a who you truly are.
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  • Let’s make it simple:
  • Specializing in addiction & relationship issues. (Which are really easy to fix if you follow the steps.)
  • Step 1: Enroll in my email list and get connected in the community.
  • Step 2: Buy Breakup Rehab if you are dealing with heartache or lost love.
  • Step 3: Schedule your free enrollment conversation.
  • Step 4: Make a commitment to something other than avoiding life.
  • Step 5: Enter into transformational counseling by booking your sessions now.
  • Step 6: Apply all that you have learned so that you realize your desires!
  • If you have any questions please send me an email and I will get back to you within 24 hours.
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What to Expect

  1. Relief from heartbreak.
  2. A clear path forward.
  3. To be truly listened to.
  4. Being held accountable.
  5. Starting over stronger.
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Rebekah’s style of counseling is filled with a great degree of passion, cleaver humor, and intuition. ~Alexis Ornellas M.A.
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F’ Loneliness!

Loneliness—you son of a bitch. We’ve all been there, gasping for air, worried that our future was as promising as they apocalypse, and reluctantly signing up for online-dating. I can’t help but think of the lyrics to the Cake song: “Reluctantly crouched at the starting line. Engines pumping and thumping in time…He’s going the distance.” A lot of people freak out when they feel lonely—you may be one—curl up in defeat and start choosing the short-term relief that comes with getting wasted on one-night stands and cheap wine rather than take the steps needed to prepare for the long-haul. Needy and clingy are adjectives used to describe such a person. It takes a special kind of commitment to desperation to become a needy, clingy, psychopath of a girlfriend or an ambivalent emotionally retarded boyfriend. But, you don’t have to be a special person to become these things because there is a plethora of crap parents out there who got you started. Further, there is a whole manual called the DSM that has come up with disorders to explain all the ways your parents fucked you up. And there are practitioners who use the labels in the manual to explain people’s shitty behaviors that then turn into that person’s identity. “Well I have abandonment issues because my dad left; my mom was a tweaker; my uncle was one of those uncles and so on.” If you are detecting a little sarcasm you are perceptive. Loneliness is the product of telling the story of abandonment over and over. We become blind to other possibilities and only see this point of view.... read more

The Truth About When the Long-Lost Return

There is a place where hope can no longer summon the dawn. It is dark and bleak—the ending of love. The mystery of imagination, a place that could never be touched, if only for a moment in time—your moment—was brought into being through kisses, intimacy, and lust. It was true and real. It meant something. But, in its departure nothing makes sense especially the things we used to believe in. And, somehow, life goes on. It hurdles ahead and stands still. Its pace—inconsiderate. The molds of what it was to love hold true to their shape and the search begins to fill them with someone new—someone who will fit. The irony of these molds is that they are cast-iron cages that require their owners to contort into distorted beings. Faint glimmers of new love or even deep pangs of desire for what was electrify the cycle of survival. Life doesn’t end here. It just muddles through. Then time does what was promised. It starts to heal old wounds. It allows enough space for new experiences to germinate new awareness. Then wisdom is born out of what once were shadowy corners and dim-lit caverns. Life goes on and we start going with it. The love that used to be the singular reason for hope, joy, and a sense of purpose gets replaced. New lovers touch you. New meals grace your pallet. New weather patterns drift in and out of your life. Then, quite by accident, nostalgia consumes the landscape of your mind. You hear a song. You smell his smell. You see the stockings she used to wear. You are... read more

The Break-Down on How to Manage your Breakup

  Listen. Your time is precious. I can’t emphasize this enough. One of the biggest regrets I hear from my clients is, “I wasted time with a person who didn’t really love me.” Time is money, it is energy; it is the place where worry, joy, fear, and existence resides. I want to save you time. And, in some ways, save your life. It takes perspective. So, if I may, I am going to divulge what I know from three years of being a relationship counselor and human being. Here goes: First, you evolve through experience. That is just how life works. So, some thought leaders would purport that “You can’t waste time.” Bull-shit. There are definitely choices that zig your zag onto the fast-track while others derail you for years at a time. And some people need a lot of time doing the opposite of what is intrinsic to their being. It takes knowing what you don’t want to understand what you do. The path is always unfolding. Basically, if you want to get married and have a family, there is no reason to get on Tinder and hookup with someone who, most likely, does not want anything to do with a structured relationship. Stay on the “hold-out” track rather than the “put-out” track. And let me be clear, while marriage is no walk in the park, having a partner makes life better. I’m sure you know this. Maybe you don’t know that having a partner means being a partner. So, in this respect the only mistakes in life are the ones you don’t learn from. It takes... read more

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