What kind of life are you available for? What else is possible?  What do you really want from love, life, and relationships? If you could stop replaying the past, wondering “what if”, worrying about the future, and able to just “figure it out”, that would be enough.  The only way out is through. And the good news is you don’t have to do it alone. I specialize helping you get yourself back after a divorce or breakup as well as providing you practical and spiritual tools so that you can create more of what you want.  Together we will map a path forward.  There is a place and a purpose for you in this life.  If you are ready to receive the messages I have just for you, contact me NOW! 

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Group Therapy on-line or in-person.
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What to Expect

  1. Relief from heartbreak.
  2. A clear path forward.
  3. To be truly listened to.
  4. Being held accountable.
  5. Starting over stronger.
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Rebekah’s style of counseling is filled with a great degree of passion, cleaver humor, and intuition. ~Alexis Ornellas M.A.
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The Break-Down on How to Manage your Breakup

  Listen. Your time is precious. I can’t emphasize this enough. One of the biggest regrets I hear from my clients is, “I wasted time with a person who didn’t really love me.” Time is money, it is energy; it is the place where worry, joy, fear, and existence resides. I want to save you time. And, in some ways, save your life. It takes perspective. So, if I may, I am going to divulge what I know from three years of being a relationship counselor and human being. Here goes: First, you evolve through experience. That is just how life works. So, some thought leaders would purport that “You can’t waste time.” Bull-shit. There are definitely choices that zig your zag onto the fast-track while others derail you for years at a time. And some people need a lot of time doing the opposite of what is intrinsic to their being. It takes knowing what you don’t want to understand what you do. The path is always unfolding. Basically, if you want to get married and have a family, there is no reason to get on Tinder and hookup with someone who, most likely, does not want anything to do with a structured relationship. Stay on the “hold-out” track rather than the “put-out” track. And let me be clear, while marriage is no walk in the park, having a partner makes life better. I’m sure you know this. Maybe you don’t know that having a partner means being a partner. So, in this respect the only mistakes in life are the ones you don’t learn from. It takes... read more

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